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(FM) Cavi diffusori - segnale FINAL LAB
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    (FM) Cavi diffusori - segnale FINAL LAB


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    (FM) Cavi diffusori - segnale FINAL LAB

    Post  karl. on Mon May 23, 2016 2:54 pm

    come da oggetto, vendo:
    coppia cavi per diffusori 3+3 m senza connettori  € 350
    coppia cavi di segnale   1m     € 250
    coppia cavi di segnale   1,5 m € 300

    Final Labs

    imageFinal Labs is a small Japanese company that specializes in high-end audio products and accessory items such as their fairly well known isolation bearings. These new Speed 0202 model interconnects replace the older The Audio Cable interconnects. That is/was perhaps the oldest audio specialty cable in existence (33 years). As you may know, longevity of products is one of my few personal biases; design it right, build it right, perhaps tweak it a bit and then leave it alone will impress me almost every time. This new design is new in almost every respect except it does use the same oxygen free ultra-pure copper in the wires. I guess Japanese companies were many years ahead in their use of high quality basic materials used in cable construction. The overall appearance is professional looking and subtle in the extreme. It is black all over even right up to the black ends of the increasingly popular Eichmann Bullet Plug connectors (RCA types as with all cables reviewed).

    Overall diameter is similar to the Kimber and Ecosse cables and definitely thicker than the DH Labs. The covering is a relatively rough weave and presents what I call a nubby appearance. The Eichmann Bullet Plugs are simply or seemingly simple in design and are seen with increasing frequency. In my experience they seem to work extremely well with seeming ease while making a very tight and secure contract. Externally the absence of a metallic "collar" is a striking feature. When the left side cable is plugged in there is only black visible from end to end. With the right side, there is a dull red narrow band at the extreme end for channel identification. Do not confuse Eichmann Plugs with the Eichmann Ratio, which is a rather unique cable design that uses different amounts of wiring in the positive and return sides. The degree of flexibility of these cables is "typical or average" in my experience.

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