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Disponibilità Tesla T5p
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    Disponibilità Tesla T5p


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    Disponibilità Tesla T5p

    Post  Edmond on Thu Aug 12, 2010 7:32 am

    E' davvero una curiosa cuffia portatile..................:

    Preorder the NEW Beyerdynamic T5p
    Our Price: $1165 & FREE ship
    List Price: $1295

    The T5p was designed to be used by hi-fi enthusiasts "on-the-go"...on their way to work... during business trips... or while traveling in general. All are situations, where you are not in your accustomed "hifi environment" on your couch, but away from home and sometimes even in a rush. It is meant to be THE mobile headphone for all those who aren't satisfied, even with the highest class earbuds or on-ear headphones as they have a definitive high-end approach when listening to music.

    Sound design of the T5p
    For use with mp3 players the T5p has a different sound focus than the T1. Mp3 players tend to sound a bit thin and harsh and perhaps you're also in a different mood when you're "on-the-go". To accommodate with that, the T5p has a very rich and detailed treble response but doesn't expose it as the T1 is allowed to do. This makes the T5p a very satisfying partner for an mp3 player as it will transduce all details with a definite high-end approach, but on the same hand takes care to not let them sound annoyingly harsh. In combination with that, the T5p will reproduce a recording with more substance yet does not sound like a headphone with a "pushed bass response". It has the right touch of richness to the fundamental notes that make music so much "fun" and exciting even out of an mp3 player.


    · audiophile headphone
    · Newest Tesla Technology with highest efficiency
    · Perfect transient- and phasefidelity (32 Ohm voice coil)
    · Outstanding neutral sound
    · Very high wearing comfort due to Leather ear- and headband pad
    · Symmetrical 6-wire cable
    · Two-sided cable
    · Including storage box
    · Sound coupling to the ear: circumaural
    · Headband pressure approx. 2.8 N
    · Cable is 3 m, double sided / balanced (6core)
    · Connector is gold vaporized mini stereo jack plug 3.5 mm

    E' veramente "figo" girare con l'iPod ed una cuffia da 1.200 dollaroni!!!!!!!!!!! affraid affraid affraid


    Non fateci caso... sono sordo!!! E pure GURU!!! affraid
    Headphone Mod
    Headphone Mod

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    Re: Disponibilità Tesla T5p

    Post  vulcan on Thu Aug 12, 2010 8:19 am

    1200$ per l'Ipod.... santa santa santa



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