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[Vendo] [Lisboa] Eddie Current black widow v2 headphone amp
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[Vendo] [Lisboa] Eddie Current black widow v2 headphone amp


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[Vendo] [Lisboa] Eddie Current black widow v2 headphone amp Empty [Vendo] [Lisboa] Eddie Current black widow v2 headphone amp

Messaggio Da Grib il Sab Dic 22 2018, 16:37

Eddie Current black widow v2 shipping Worldwide from Europe.

This is kind of a rare amp, only 100 units of the V2 were made and this is an opportunity to get the Eddie Current sound without paying the big bucks.
In fact this amp was made as a marketing strategy to get the sound of EC in as many ears as possible ending in Eddie not making any money with it, the real pocket-hole. Many consider this to be an End-Game amplifier.

The voltage is easily switched changing the jumpers inside. Asking 1200€/1363$, buyer pays shipping and paypal fee 4% it not sent as gift.

For those who don't know much about this amp I will drop some impressions/links:

The Black Widow ranks as high as it does based strongly on it's relatively low cost and surprisingly musical (read "colored in a good way") sound. The words that come to my mind are "meaty musicality." - Tyll


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[Vendo] [Lisboa] Eddie Current black widow v2 headphone amp Empty Re: [Vendo] [Lisboa] Eddie Current black widow v2 headphone amp

Messaggio Da Antonio Turi il Sab Dic 22 2018, 17:45

Per favore devi inserire nel titolo la provincia in cui si trova l'oggetto e nel testo il prezzo di vendita, grazie.

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