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FOSTEX HP-A7 32BIT Headphone Amplifier
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    FOSTEX HP-A7 32BIT Headphone Amplifier

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    FOSTEX HP-A7 32BIT Headphone Amplifier

    Post  NEMO on Sun Jun 05, 2011 12:47 pm

    Buongiorno Cuffiofili!
    Un prodotto professionale molto interessante!

    FOSTEX HP-A7 32 BIT DAC + Headphone Amplifier

    HP-A7 has various digital input 32bit DAC and high quality headphone amplifier
    It also works as pre-amplifier supplying USB, OPTICAL, COAXIAL, ANALOG inputs
    HP-A7 does not use volume circuit, but direct out system
    Discrete headphone amplifier by TO-220 package big capacity transistor
    HP-A7 mounts 2 headphone output which is different type gain, adopting each impedance
    Adopt high quality 32bit DAC AKM AK4392
    Low jitter designed L/R individual DAC power
    DC detecting high performance headphone protection system
    HP-A7 adopts high quality analog parts, Linear Technology Corporation high performance high through rate OP amplifier, Fostex original customized NICHIKON condenser, TAKMAN ELECTRONICS Precision metal film resistor, Panasonic PPS film condenser and WIMA film condenser
    Pure brass bases and tungsten compound washer suppress vibration.
    USB port
    Sampling frequency: up to 24bit/96kHz
    Interface: USB Full Speed
    DIGITAL INPUT-OPTICAL (1, 2) terminal
    Connector: Square optical
    Format: S / PDIF (32kHz ~ 96kHz)
    Connector: RCA pin jack
    Format: S / PDIF (32kHz ~ 192kHz)
    ANALOG INPUT (L, R) terminal
    Connector: RCA pin jack

    PHONES (1, 2) terminal
    Connector: stereo phone jack
    Sensitivity: PHONES 1: Low gain PHONES 2: Gain normal
    Maximum output: 700mW (load ohm 32)
    Load Impedance: 16 ~ 600 ohm
    THD: 0.002% or less (at 1kHz, load 32 ohm, 1Vrms output)
    Frequency Response: 10Hz ~ 150kHz +/- 3dB
    ANALOG OUTPUT (L, R) terminal
    Connector: RCA pin jack
    Load Impedance: 10k ohm or more
    THD: 0.002% or less
    Frequency Response: 10Hz ~ 80kHz +/- 3dB (192kHz is used)
    Connector: Square optical
    Format: S / PDIF (32kHz ~ 96kHz)

    Accessories: AC Adaptor (x 1), power cord (x 1), USB cable (x 1), manual (x 1)
    Dimensions: 194 (W) x 44 (H) x 230 (D) mm
    Weight: about 1.6kg
    Power: DC15V (supplied from the supplied AC adapter only) 100~240V (50Hz/60Hz)
    Power consumption: 15W


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