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PI2AES: qualcuno lo conosce / l'ha provato?
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PI2AES: qualcuno lo conosce / l'ha provato?


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PI2AES: qualcuno lo conosce / l'ha provato? Empty PI2AES: qualcuno lo conosce / l'ha provato?

Messaggio Da PierPP Lun Mag 10 2021, 22:51

L'ultima moda in campo di DYI feeders per i nostri beneamati DAC :)
Tipo un ALLO DIGIONE dopato...


  • RASPBERRY PI 4 COMPATIBLE - Tested on the latest Raspberry Pi 4 using Moode 6.10

  • AES TRANSMITTER – The industry standard WM8804 converts the RPi I2S stream to AES3/SPDIF formatted data at 24-Bit up to 192Khz Frame Rate

  • SPDIF COAX OUTPUT – An RCA connector with Isolation Transformer provides coaxial transmission of the SPDIF Audio Data Stream.

  • SPDIF OPTICAL OUTPUT – Isolated Optical Transmitter Supports Consumer Level DAC and AVR inputs

  • AES BNC OUTPUT - A 75 ohm BNC connector with Isolation Transformer provides for Single Ended AES transmission.

  • AES BALANCED OUTPUT – An RS-422 Transmitter coupled with Isolation Transformer allows the transmission of balanced audio data with 110 ohm impedance via the Professional Audio Standard XLR Connector

  • BUFFERED I2S OUTPUT – Parallel Buffered I2S is available for direct short distance connection to off-board D/A. Perfect for DIY use! I2C for control is also provided as well as 5V Regulated and the Input Voltage Rail

  • DIFFERENTIAL I2S OUTPUT – A DS2063 Differential Transmitter is used to drive the I2S Bus via LVDS over a standard HDMI Connector.

PI2AES: qualcuno lo conosce / l'ha provato? 1f499 NUC/Roon -> HQPlayer -> PI2AES -> Denafrips Venus II -> Headamp GS-X Mini -> FAW Noir Hybrid -> ZMF  Vérité Open  | iBasso DX312 ->  6n 23.5AWG silver Type-6 Litz -> 64 Audio U12t

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